RACE 3 - Jedovnice (Czech Republic) - 11.08. - 12.08.2012


Jedovnice, a small town, lies about 25 km far from South - Moravian metropolis Brno. It is surrounded by the deep forests which create the opening gate to the Moravian Karst that was declared as a protected natural park area.
Thanks to the geographical location and uncommon natural beauties Jedovnice is a centre of recreation, tourism, water sports - well known all over the world.

JedovniceRecreation in Jedovnice

What can we offer to our guests in Jedovnice? Above all – variety of water sports and recreation on the embankments of our famous lake, called Olšovec ( 42 ha ), followed by the trips to environs of Jedovnice – on the bike e.g. The maps
for cycling can be found : www.nakole.cz

Walking for all the guests looking for the quiet relaxation and for lovers of the unviolated countryside. They can go for a walk and see the Budkovan and Dubový lakes, the natural park Rakovec Valley . This area isn´t spoiled by civilization that´s why the visitors can see unique botanical species or to nest the water birds.
There are the great possibilities of mushrooms and fishing.


Jedovnice 3Accomodation:

Camp Olšovec - www.olsovec.cz
Hotel Terasa - http://www.hotel-terasa.cz
Penzion - www.penzionwendy.cz

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